Monday, September 14, 2009

Art and words

"Leave my loneliness unbroken!"
~The Raven
I was a big scardy cat when I was a kid. Many things would set me off. A fear would run through me and no amount of talking to myself could calm me down. Most of the time it was at night. The house was still, the parents turned off the tv and shut things down for the evening. And fears took off.
One year I was worried about witches. It seemed everywhere I looked, or anything I read had a witch. I pushed my bed up against one of the walls so there would be no way that anyone could come up behind me as I slept. I would make sure that my back was to the wall or I would sleep on my back. If "they" did get into our house, that was locked and blotted because of my dad's fears, they couldn't sneak up on me.
I was still awake when my parents went to bed one evening. Everything checked and re checked by dad, even the heat was turned off. As I tossed around from my back to my side I heard the "rapping, rapping at my chamber door." My door was not shut and the more I listened to the rapping, it sounded more like stepping, stepping walking down the hallway to my room.
The steps were very deliberate. Not fast, not slow. Even.
I listened to these steps for what seemed like twenty minuets. The hallway was only twelve feet long, so the person coming down the hall would have had time to come into my room, clean it, grab me, walk away slowly into the night and then cut me into little pieces.
I made up my mind that I need to time the steps and see if they were coming for me or just walking up and down the hall. I got my little alarm clock and watched the time go by.
"Only this, and nothing more."
"Darkness there, and nothing more."
"Merely this, and nothing more."
'Tis the heater cooling and nothing more.
It took many days before I mustered up courage, got out of bed, went into the hallway, then to the cooling wall heater where it rapped and tapped it's stepping sounds.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

After A Long Trip

The trip was a "long and winding road." I will now be writing and continuing making art.
The road that I've been on has included writing and art but the path took me many places.
I will write. I am committed to Creative Infusion. It has been said before. And the commitment has been here before also. Life needs to be somewhat guided for me. To fit everything in that I want to do will look like a class schedule for an over achiever. My parents would laugh.
This will look a bit different as I will add all art related info. Said that before.
We need to help and connect now more than ever.
I have friends that have lost their jobs and still trying to create. When you don't have a day job it's hard to keep the creative juices flowing. Paying the rent or mortgage becomes more important.
So, to try and keep the juices flowing and lend a ear, Creative Infusion is back.
Here are some lists of art shows and the like. If you would like your show added or info listed please contact me. We will spread the word.
Associated Artist 25th Annual Show -- Sept. 25th - 27th @ Victoria Gardens Community Center
National Collage Society's 25th Annual Exhibit November 6th - December 31st @ Mason Murer Fine Art, Atlanta, GA
Art Box Studio Art Show November 21 2:00pm - 9:00pm @1302 Monta Vista Ave unit 9
Upland ,CA
Cabrera's: An Eclectic Art Gallery 637 W. Second St., Pomona, CA (909) 230-1926/ (she also does affordable framing)
Want your info here? Let me know.
Have a great week.
~ aleta